Graeme Murphy AO

The Collection

Full-evening performances and shorter works have been edited and digitally remastered/ restored from many video formats, in their entirety. To date, the following programs have been completed: Free Radicals; Grand; Shades of Gray; Mythologia; Tivoli; Beauty and the Beast; Daphnis and Chloé; Air & Other Invisible Forces; Salome; BerlinSynergy with Synergy; Poppy; Kraanerg; Song of the Night; Nearly Beloved; Old Friends New Friends (documentary); Shéhérazade; Rumours; Sequenza VII; Viridian; Some Rooms; Cut; Ever after Ever; etc…

High quality movie files, full-length DVD’s and printed programmes of some of these have also being delivered to the National Film & Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) so that Heritage Collection’s works will be preserved for posterity and available from NFSA in the future for research and study.

More about the Heritage Collection        Jil Sykes essay: Graeme Murphy and the SDC

Preservation of the Collection has been made possible due to the initiative of Julian Knights, former Chair of the Australia Council’s Major Performing Arts Panel and a former Chair of Sydney Dance Company, and generous support from Dr Kristine Dery and Tom Dery, Julian and Lizanne Knights, Andrew Messenger, Sylvie Mutschler, Rowan and Annie Ross (matched by the Macquarie Group Foundation), and Joe Skrzynski AO and Ros Horin (The Sky Foundation).

A book has recently been released by Michelle Potter Glimpses of Graeme: Reflections on the work of Graeme Murphy – Here is the link

Video Tab above: You and I (celebrating Graeme’s and Janet’s dancing throughout the years)

Note: the programs displayed on this site are not listed chronologically, inciting curiosity…


  • Graeme Murphy & Janet Vernon (photo ©Lois Greenfield)
  • SDC_Logo
  • Dance is Truth (proudly displayed in front of Melbourne's Hamer Hall)
  • Sheherazade - Graeme Murphy with Janet Vernon (photo @Branco Gaica)
  • The Dance Company poster (before it was called Sydney Dance Company)
  • Graeme Murphy AO
  • Ever After Ever (Melbourne 2007 - photo courtesy Kalman Warhaft)
  • 'Glimpses' (circa 1977) with Robert Olup, Gary Hill and Ninna Veretennikova
  • Poster of the first Italian Tour in 1980
  • Mr Murphy in 'Shinning' (Photo ©Philippe Charluet)
  • Graeme and Janet (Paris 1992)

Programs (by alphabetical order)
After Venice (1984)
Afterworlds (1987)
Air and Other Invisible Forces (1999)
Bard Bits (1991)
Beauty and the Beast (1993)
Berlin (Iva Davies - 1995)
Berlin (iOTA - 2007)
Body of Work (2000)
Boxes (1985)
Cut (2006)
Daphnis and Chloé (1980 - 1989)
Deadly Sins (1984)
Ellipse (2002)
An Evening (1981)
Evening Suite (1989)
Ever After Ever (2007)
Flashbacks (1983)
Fire Earth Air Water (1987)
Fornicon (1995)
Free Radicals (1996)
Glimpses (1977)
Grand (2005)
Hate (1982)
Homelands (1982)
Hua Mulan (2005)
In the Company of Women (1990)
King Roger (1990)
Kraanerg (1988)
Late Afternoon of a Faun (1987)
Limited Edition (1982)
Mythologia (2000)
Nearly Beloved (1986)
Old Friends New Friends (1984)
Papillon Duet (1977)
Piano Sonata (1992)
Poppy (1978 - 1987 - 1991)
The Protecting Veil (1993)
Rumours (1978–1979 - 1980)
Salome (1998)
The Selfish Giant (1983)
Scintillation (1977)
Sensing (1994)
Sequenza VII (1977)
Shades of Gray (2004)
Shéhérazade (1979 - 1980)
Shimmering (1985)
Shining (1986)
Signatures (1979)
Sirens (1985)
Soft Bruising (1990)
Some Rooms (1983)
Song of the Night (1989)
A Streetcar Named Desire (1991)
Synergy with Synergy (1992)
Third Conversation (1977)
Tip (1977)
Tivoli (2001)
Up (1977)
Vast (1988)
Viridian (1980)
Volumina (1977)
Wilderness (1982)