Frank van Straten interview (2001)

Frank van Straten AMFrank van Straten AM passed away on 19 April 2024. He was a celebrated Australian performing arts historian, author and former director of the Performing Arts Museum at the Arts Centre, Melbourne. In recognition of his services to the performing arts in Australia, Van Straten was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM).

In 2001, van Straten acted as the Historical Consultant for Graeme Murphy’s ‘dance musical’ TIVOLI, which premiered at the State Theatre, Arts Centre, Melbourne. This video commemorates his passionate contributions by giving us a glimpse into the history of the Tivoli Circuit that inspired Murphy’s Tivoli.

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Frank van Straten Fellowship (Australian Performing Arts Collection, Arts Centre, Melbourne)

Videos Tab above: short documentary when former Tivoli circuit’s performers met, in a full day workshop, Australian Ballet’s and Sydney Dance Company’s dancers and creatives for the 1st time. Frank appears in it, of course…

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  • Frank van Straten AM
  • Tivoli (author Frank van Straten AM) - with sample music from the time
  • In memorium (by Graeme Murphy AO)
  • Tivoli Capers
  • Original Tivoli poster