A concerto for man, muscle and machine, Synergy with Synergy is an extraordinarily unique and exciting piece of dance. Inspired by the diversity and power of percussion, Murphy incorporates an exhilarating score, coupled by daring and breathtaking choreography on a vast scale to create an evening of truly memorable dance. It was filmed in its first season at the Sydney Opera House in 1992.


Featured Video: Synergy with Synergy clip (excerpt from Body of Work, not the original recently remastered)

Video Tab above: Montage of earlier Works  (featuring the music & some shots from the original Synergy with Synergy)

The full program has now been edited and re-mastered

  • Synergy Musicians 1 (photo ©Philippe Charluet)
  • Synergy Musicians 2 (photo ©Philippe Charluet)
  • Original Program Cover
  • Synergy with Synergy Japan Poster
  • Synergy with Synergy - Kate Dunn (photographer unknown)