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Philippe CharluetFilmmaker/ Cinematographer/ Editor & Web Architect

Philippe Charluet is a versatile documentary Producer, Director and Cinematographer by trade. Philippe has also dedicated a large amount of his film-making to the Arts over many decades, with a particular passion for dance. This has meant directing, producing and filming many Arts documentaries (Sleeping Beauty: Behind the Curtain and Romeo and Juliet: a New Vision [Foxtel], Arts Du Mythe: Peinture Pintupi [Arte, France], Dances of Life [PBS, US], Wild Swans: Behind the Scenes, Tivoli: the Making of a Dance Musical and Old Friends, New Friends [ABC], Alicia, Love & Devotion, The Medieval Imagination and Bill Henson: Dreams of Darkness [SBS], etc…), magazine style programs (Art21: Series 5 [PBS], Artzone series [ABC Education], Imagine Series and Imagine Japan Special [SBS]…) and adapting a multitude of dance performances for television (Ever After Ever, Tivoli, Air & Other Invisible Forces, Hydra, Synergy with Synergy, Poppy, Viridian, etc…). Brilliant dance works have been filmed over the years, created by many acclaimed choreographers (Graeme Murphy AO, Stephen Page, Stephen Petronio, Rafael Bonachela, Ohad Naharin, Ralph Lemon, Louis Falco, to name a few…) and films made to integrate various  stage works and exhibitions (The Australian Ballet, State Library of Victoria, Opera Australia, Sydney Dance Company, Powerhouse Museums, etc…)

First and foremost, Philippe’s love and dedication has been filming, in so many different ways, Graeme Murphy’s and Janet Vernon’s incredible body of work, almost from its humble beginning to the present day, for which he has been the recipient of various Gold and Silver Awards – US International Film & Video Festival and the Australian Cinematographers Society – and the Australian Dance Awards 2019 for Services to Dance. The Heritage Collection’s website, which Philippe created and curates, aims at telling the story of this incredible cultural period and rich Australian artistry, almost as an interactive documentary, and in doing so, opening a precious window to this extraordinary community of artists.

Link to Philippe’s company: Stella Motion Pictures

Videos Tab above: Reel showcasing Graeme Murphy’s SDC work

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