Behind The Sun - Documentary


Behind The Sun – Documentary

This 54 min documentary (circa 1988) looks at a number of artists working in NSW in 1988, including Jonathan Throsby, painter; Susan Norrie, painter; Martin Wesley-Smith, composer; John Coburn, painter; Robyn Gordon, sculptor; Graeme Murphy, choreographer; David Williamson, playwright; Brian Howard, composer; Maureen Cahill, glass sculptor; Bruce Copping, stone sculptor; Robert Klippel, sculptor; Kai Tai Chan, choreographer and Patrick Mitchell, theatre director.

The featured segment reveals choreographer Graeme Murphy directing dancers in rehearsal for a cricket ballet (Rumours). We then see the Sydney Dance Company performing the ballet, and end with Murphy talking about what he looks for in Australian dancers as we see a rehearsal of another piece.

Graeme Murphy’ segment can be viewed on the Australian Screen website

Production company
Juniper Films

James Wilson
John Davy Tristram

James Wilson
John Davy Tristram

Nadine Amadio

Sponsored by
The NSW Government in 1988