Graeme Murphy - Heroe's photo for Body of Work

BODY OF WORK – a Retrospective

Body of Work – a Retrospective was both a gala performance at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday 6 May 2000 but a slightly different show was also performed nationally throughout Australia in the same year. It was devised to celebrate Graeme Murphy’s and Janet Vernon’s 25th year at the helm of the Sydney Dance Company, with a mixture of excerpts from past and present works. This was an opportunity for a new generation of audiences to get a taste of the early works that shaped the company and Graeme’s choreographic language.

Body of Work – a Retrospective won the Helpmann Award for Best Choreography in 2001

Featured Video (previous page): Opening Film (projected in both the gala’s and main season’s performances)

Video Tab above: Excerpts from Sequenza VII, The Protecting Veil, Synergy with Synergy,

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  • Shéhérazade - Ross Phillip, Sheree Da Costa, Janet Vernon & Graeme Murphy (photo ©Branco Gaica)
  • Graeme Murphy - Heroe's photo for Body of Work

Body of Work - a Retrospective, with excerpts from:


Daphnis & Chloé

Soft Bruising

An Evening

Synergy with Synergy


Piano Sonata


The Protecting Veil


Sequenza VII


Free Radicals

Plus various Film/ Video Components

Graeme Murphy

Creative Associate
Janet Vernon

Kristian Fredrikson

Film/ Video Montages
Philippe Charluet

Damien Cooper

Adam luston

Rehearsal Director
Brett Morgan

Dancers, in alphabetical order
Katherine Arnold-Lindley
Wakako Asano
Andrea Bnody
Josef Brown
Tracey Carrodus
Bradley Chatlield
Lea Francis
Katherine Griffiths
Christopher Harris
Gavin Mitford
Carl Ptaisted
Christopher Sherrif
Simone Sault
Matthew Shilling
Simon Turner
Janet Vernon
Sally Wicks
Xue-Jun Wang

Michael Askill
Alison Eddington
Alison Low Choy
Philip South