Shades of Gray (photo/video collage ©Philippe Charluet)


Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, Graeme Murphy’s Shades of Gray sees the infamous Dorian Gray transported into the world of dance.

Receiving its premiere on 25 May 2004 at the Sydney Opera House, Shades of Gray is an intense work rich in symbolic and historical references. Set in the hedonistic milieu of the last few decades of the twentieth century, Shades of Gray cuts a swathe through the destructive decadence of this time.

Unfolding on and off stage in 18 scenes, the story follows Dorian’s dazzling dance career from the late 60′s to early 90′s in several performances within the performance, viewed by the audience as if backstage.The interweaving narrative tracks the downward spiral of Dorian and his celebrity click from glitzy euphoria to out-of-control debauchery. Dorian’s portraits come alive through the ‘Shades’, who represent Dorian’s moral decay.

The Story                Program

Choreographer’s and Music Notes


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  • Shades of Gray (photo/video collage ©Philippe Charluet)
  • A poster for the season (©picturedrift)
  • Shades of Gray - Joshua Consandine as Dorian Gray (video photo ©Philippe Charluet)

Choreography & Concept
Graeme Murphy

Creative Associate
Janet Vernon

Music Director/ Sound Design
Paul Healy

Set Design
Robert Cousins

Costume Design
Jennifer Irwin

Lighting Design
Damien Cooper

Sound System Design
Adam luston

Rehearsal Director
Brett Morgan

Wakako Asano
Andrea Briody
Josef Brown
Tracey Carrodus
Bradley Chatfield J
Joshua Consandine
Chylie Cooper
Simone Goldsmith
Katherine Griffiths
Alexa Heckmann
Gavin Mitford
Vyvian Palma
Simone Sault
Christopher Sheriff
Matthew Shilling
Andris Toppe
Simon Turner
Xue-Jun Wang
Jason Wilcock


Philippe Charluet
Peter Coleman
Peter de Vries ACS

Mark Cornish

Producer/ Director/ Editor
Philippe Charluet