Salome - Program's cover with Bradley Chatfield, Josef Brown & Tracey Carrodus (photo ©Lois Greenfield)


Graeme Murphy’s internationally acclaimed Salome is a breathtaking interpretation of the fascinating biblical tale of Salome and her dance of the Seven Veils. Graeme’s sinuous choreography and sly wit coupled with the evocative rhythms of Michael Askill’s score – performed live with members of the Sydney Dance Company – take the audience on a memorable and intense journey.

The Story of Salome

Video Tab above: A mesmerezing duo with Tracey Carrodus and Josef Brown

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Salome on Spotify (and other musical gems by Michael Askill)

  • Salome - Program's cover with Bradley Chatfield, Josef Brown & Tracey Carrodus (photo ©Lois Greenfield)
  • Salome - with Josef Brown, Tracey Carrodus & Bradley Chatfield (photo ©Lois Greenfield)
  • SALOME - Tracey Carrodus & Josef Brown (photo ©Jeff Busby)
  • SALOME - Tracey Carrodus & Janet Vernon (photo ©Jeff Busby)
  • SALOME - Tracey Carrodus as Salome (photo ©Jeff Busby)
  • Salome - Simon Turner & Gavin Mitford (photo ©Jeff Busby)
  • Salome - Tracey Carrodus & Bradley Chatfield (photo ©Jeff Busby)
  • Salome - Josef Brown & Tracey Carrodus (photo ©Jeff Busby)

Graeme Murphy AO

Creative Associate
Janet Vernon AM

Composer & Music Director
Michael Askill

Graeme Murphy
Janet Vernon
Michael Askill
after the Gospels of Matthew (14:3-12)
and Mark [6:17-29]
and the play by Oscar Wilde

Stage Design
Graeme Murphy
John Rayment

Akira Isogawa

John Rayment

Rehearsal Director
Brett Morgan


Tracey Carrodus

John the Baptist
Josef Brown

Janet Vernon

Bradley Chatfield

Simon Turner

Gavin Mitford

with, in alphabetical order
Katherine Arnold-Lindley
Wakako Asano
Kip Gamblin
Catherine Goss
Katherine Griffiths
Christopher Harris
Timothy Heathcote
Christopher Sheriff
Linda Ridgway
Matthew Shilling
Xue-Jun Wang
Sally Wicks

Music performed on stage by
Michael Askill, David Hewitt
The Company

Pre-recorded music performed by
Omar Faruk Tekbilek


Outside Broadcast Facilities & Crew
Ancor Broadcast Pty Ltd

Main Camera
Gary Miethe

Producer/ Director/ Editor
Philippe Charluet